Which One?

Sitting here in a house surrounded by 32 trees and wondering which room to get in to avoid any falling tree? Hurricane Matthew is on the way.

I spent the afternoon  clearing out the carport so I could move my new used car into it. The place I usually park it is subject to flooding with a regular heavy rain and they have predicted flash floods.

I had room for the car in the carport, but I also take my dogs out that door and needed a path for them as well. I moved several things into the utility room. I must be getting well. I couldn’t have done all that a year ago.

I counted the trees in the yard. I’ve never lived in this house during a hurricane. I did stay here during an ice storm and several tree branches fell.

I hope it’s not bad. I’m in North Carolina and they said Hurricane Matthew was going to turn and go back to Florida. Now they say perhaps they made a mistake and it’s coming farther inland than they’d predicted. Well, I’ve still got 32 trees surrounding this house.


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