The Problem With Being A Poet

I am a poet. I tend to say things in as few words as possible. Or I try to.

The problem with being that way is that when I hear someone explaining something or telling something and they go on and on and belabor the point and seem to enjoy the sound of their own voice more than they do what they’re saying . . . I cannot take it.

This also affected me as a teacher. I was told to tell the children what they were going to learn. Then I was to teach it by modeling, explaining, using visual aids, having children practice it, then having them do the task alone as an assessment and then to sum it all up, I was to tell them what they learned. If they didn’t know what they learned, my telling them wouldn’t matter; if they did know, what was the point? Likewise the “Today, class, we are going to learn . . . ”  Really? That is the quickest way to tune me out. Don’t tell me what I’m going to learn, or see, or do . . . let’s just do whatever it is. Children learn by doing. I jumped right into the lesson and was often criticized for it. However,  the scores of the children I worked with rose and rose quickly.

I just tried to listen to a three minute video. The man droned on about what some group had not done, how long it had been, on and on, and whatever point he wanted to make, will elude me because I cannot listen to the same point being made in six different ways.

I’m a member of MENSA. I learn quickly, I bore easily, and the fewer words used, the better.

Sometimes as someone is yammering away, I sit and think, I could make that point in one word (remember “Name that Tune” show?) . . .

I just can’t take so much explaining about something that doesn’t really need that much explaining.

It may be the election ads and comments, etc, for it was a political explanation. I wonder if I should copy/paste it here?

Well, I can’t find it again, so the short answer is NO.



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