Thinking About ECU? Think Again

If you are thinking about sending your child or your dollars to ECU in Greenville, NC, you might want to think again.

Maybe you are rich and won’t have to borrow any money for your education. If you are like many of ECU’s students, you will need financial aid. Not only have I found it impossible to work with the staff at the Financial Aid Office at ECU, where they receive forms and then ask for them at least 3 more times, where they will not let you talk to someone else when you have problems with one of the staff members in the Financial Aid Office and where even the Chancellor ignores your pleas for help, but once they’re gotten your borrowed dollars for their coffer, they no longer seem to care about you or your student.

And how many dollars per year do they expect to get from you? From the chart below, it appears to be $21,295  ($31,722 out of state student). This chart omits the cost for health insurance, which is required, and which my son was charged $600 for when he attended.

22. What is ECU’s estimated cost of attendance?  ECU’s estimated cost of attendance will vary based on your enrollment; if you are an in state or out of state resident; and if you are a living on campus, commuting, or a distance education student.

2016-2017 Undergraduate Estimated Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance Resident on Campus NonResident on Campus Resident Commuter Resident Distance Education NonResident Distance Education
Tuition & Fees $6,946 $22,904 $6,946 $3,924 $16,862
Room & Board $9,426 $9,426 $6,126 $9,935 $9,935
Books & Supplies $1,280 $1,280 $1,280 $1,280 $1,280
Personal $2,276 $2,276 $2,276 $2,276 $2,276
Transportation $1,288 $1,288 $1,288 $1,288 $1,288
Loan Fee $80 $80 $80 $80 $80
Health Insurance $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Total $21,296 $37,254 $17,996 $18,783 $31,721

That’s for one year. I’d ask you to multiply that by 4, but ECU has a graduation rate of 35%.

Almost a fifth of their classes have students numbering 50 or more per class. Here’s the link where I found those facts.

Is ECU a safe environment for your student? My own son attended ECU and told me he never felt safe while there. I just looked up some statistics on their crime rate and maybe he wasn’t exagerating. Here is what I found:

Arrests — On-Campus
Arrests — On-Campus 1 2012 2013 2014
Illegal weapons possession
Drug law violations
Liquor law violations

He said he frequently saw alerts to students about safety issues on campus, robberies, etc. and it got bad enough that he quit.

It’s bad enough that they charge you over $20,000 for one year’s attendance – that’s in state students and over $30,000 for out of state students, but with only 35% graduation rate . . . do you even want to invest at all?

I admit I am writing this because I am upset with the Financial Aid Office who deferred my unemployed son’s loans for a year – from December 2015 to December 2016. Then one of their Financial Aid Loan Employees somehow decided last June (2016), that although my son had six more months of deferment approved, he needed to redo two forms. He redid these forms three times and sent them to her. I know he sent them because I mailed them myself. After the third request for the same forms, I asked (yes, even the Chancellor, who ignored me) that someone else be assigned to my son’s accout.

What I got for all my complaints and concerns was that same employee sending me yet another email yesterday demanding the same forms that have been submitted three times – even though the deferment should still be enforce, again. And to make sure I knew no one else had been assigned to my son’s account, she signed her name as large and as bold as she could. Here, let me copy/paste her signature directly from the email she sent me:

Melva Bonner

Director of Student Loan Collections

Office of Student Loans

East Carolina University – G103 Old Cafeteria Complex – Greenville, NC 27858

When You’ve asked for someone else to handle the account for over a year and she sends her name in bold print and extra large font, while telling you “I just wanted to follow up with you to see if you received the email below and if you and Anthony have had a chance to return the forms needed to move forward with processing the account.” . . . and you’ve sent those same forms to this same person three times, it’s like a slap in the face.

Thinking about ECU? Think again. 



Trump won the election and half of America, without facts or any action from Mr. Trump, have lost their ever loving minds.

My son/daughter showed up yesterday to borrow my car for a trip s/he wants to take. We have Code Orange Air Quality and I have two different lung diseases that are being aggravated by the outside air. (damned wildfires in Western NC – smoke has now reached my county).

But what was s/he upset about? Nevermind the mother standing in front of you struggling to breathe; the urgent item on her mind was a call she’d just gotten from her boss saying she can’t wear a safety pin on her uniform at work anymore.

Ok. Let’s be logical. She works night shift in a building guarded by a guard and no one else she works with is LGBTQ  . . . but HER. Whom does she wish to provide a safe space for while at work?

Complain, complain complain!!! That’s all I heard. You know, I wish my biggest problem was not being able to put a safety pin on my uniform when I’m not working around anyone who might need me to protect them from the boogie man that everyone thinks Donald Trump is. Give me a break.

Then there’s writings about how they are going to make the riots a felony soon. What? You mean those wild animals that are rocking cars and setting things on fire (did I mention I CAN’T BREATHE??????) and looting and blocking traffic so folks can’t get to work . . . those folks will soon face a penalty for their actions which are robbing so many others of their RIGHTS?????  Yay! But according to comments and emails and posts I’ve read, the sky is falling because no one will have a right to protest anymore. WRONG! I’ve been in protests and I did not damage anyone else’s property, and I did not keep anyone else from going where they needed to go.

YOUR RIGHTS END WHERE MY RIGHTS BEGIN! What happened to that idea???? Oh, wait. It’s not COMMON CORE subject matter, so it’s no longer taught in schools.

I’m sick and tired of everyone acting so crazy because of the media’s fueled scare tactics. Give the man a chance! He’s only in for 4 years. I expect some good to come from his election. I have already seen he has a new way of doing things and leaders from other countries are contacting him and he’s WORKING instead of playing golf . . . That in itself is an improvement.

What if these protesting individuals had the draft staring them in the face with the possibility of going to Vietnam to possibly DIE whether they believe in that war or not? What in the WORLD would they do THEN?

Can’t wear a safety pin on a uniform to work and rumors on top of rumors of things that might happen . . . I do believe Donald Trump has more important things to do than harrass the LGBTQ folks. Get a damned grip! Be an adult.

When your mother is standing in front of you struggling to breathe, get your damned priorities straight.

Kids today can’t see the forest for the trees, or vice versa . . . I’m oxygen deprived and may have said that backwards.


Emilia Elizabeth Attiobe

First Anniversary of Her Death

Grief has no limits,
Grief has no bounds.
My heart is still broken,
No reason’s been found . . .

I join you in sorrow,
I join you in grief.
The joy of having known her
Is my only relief.
by Constance Barr Corbett
(former colleague of your wonderful daughter) May God bless and keep you and help you. It’s been a hard year since your loss.

Why Were So Many People Surprised?

I don’t understand why so many people say they were surprised with Trump winning. They are obviously the ones who blindly followed Clinton and didn’t listen to any of the speeches he gave at his rallies. That’s where the true Trump came out. All that outrageous stuff he said at the beginning was to get free media coverage and keep his name in everyone’s mind is what I think. Had they looked at one of his rallies and listened to the speech he gave at them, they would not have been so surprised. I don’t think you should decide on who to vote for without listening to everyone. I listened to some of Clinton’s speeches. You couldn’t tell what she was for from her ads because all she did was bash Trump. But she sounded like more of the same old, same old. Plus she was eager for war with Russia, it sounded like – both from what she said and from what Putin said. Trump and Putin said they thought they could work together to settle differences. Putin and Clinton both said if Clinton won, there would probably be a war between us.
I listened to the two third party candidates as well. I didn’t like Jill Stein. She sounded weak to me.
The third party guy, Gary Johnson, was ok, but not ok enough for me to throw my vote away for.
I feel safe with Trump in charge. I think he truly has the country’s best interest at heart. He’s a businessman. He knows how to negotiate. He knows (obviously from his campaign) how to get things done. I listened to his speeches and watched him talk to voters . . . I was slightly surprised, but not like these folks who said they had no idea Trump had a chance of winning. Just his jetting all over the country meeting voters during the last month of the campaign, while Clinton stayed in the background and did nothing, was noteworthy. He obviously wanted it worse than she did. Then when she didn’t give her concession speech right after he won, which is traditional, but had to wait until the next day . . . would she have been that slow to react to a crisis in America???? Would other world leaders put up with her rudeness? I waited over ten minutes as I watched the video that showed her speech. She sent her VP out first; it took him about 12 minutes to come out as people sat waiting; then she came out about eight minutes later and talked for a few minutes.
I believe she could stop these current riots, if she’d tell them to stop. Rumor is she’s paying them to do it. Who knows? But I’m going to put the link to what I just read. I just want to say “REALLY?” to all those who said they never thought Trump had a chance of winning. Then they were blindly following Clinton.
My son said people stared at me when I’d wear my Trump shirt. I want you to know that more than one person at different times, smiled and said “I like your shirt”. They were mostly men, but everyone was not for Clinton . . . obviously. I’ll put the link I just read in case you care to read it.

Trump’s Website

I saw a link to a website for Donald J. Trump, President Elect. I want to share it here. I visited it twice today. Once I was sending a message about something I thought would help make America great again. There’s a comment box at the bottom of the website and you can make suggestions.

Once I looked at all the jobs he has to fill and the application process.

Worth a look, if anyone is interested.

Stanza Ideas

I just saw an article about a new museum in D.C. and I read it and took notes because it suggested possible stanza material for my stanzas project. I will not go into great detail, except to say the project is about 3/4 done, and I want it finished and available soon. You can steal an idea, I have learned while becoming a writer. One of mine was stolen . . . perhaps two . . . but you cannot steal a finished product, so I share less as I write and create, and share more when I’m done.

I’ve mentioned that my mind is often like a grasshopper, hopping from subject to subject and for this reason, perhaps, I have several projects going at once.

I’m easily bored and leap from idea to idea until one has been finished and is off the list, usually replaced by a new one while the old ones continue to be cultivated.

My oldest (adult) child says talking to me is sometimes confusing as I change the subject without notice, but she has learned to keep up with me. Now . . . if only I could learn how to keep up with all three of them.

For children scatter and you don’t know if they are eating well, or are warm, comfortable, have enough money?, etc., as you knew when they lived with you and were your children.

They are still my children, but need me far less now.

So there was a mild example, I guess, of my mind shifting abruptly from one topic to another. There may be medications to slow it down, but I do not wish to partake. I’ve always been this way. I enjoy being this way . . . why would I question whether it’s “normal” or not?

The last thing I’ve ever wanted to be is “normal”.