Stanza Ideas

I just saw an article about a new museum in D.C. and I read it and took notes because it suggested possible stanza material for my stanzas project. I will not go into great detail, except to say the project is about 3/4 done, and I want it finished and available soon. You can steal an idea, I have learned while becoming a writer. One of mine was stolen . . . perhaps two . . . but you cannot steal a finished product, so I share less as I write and create, and share more when I’m done.

I’ve mentioned that my mind is often like a grasshopper, hopping from subject to subject and for this reason, perhaps, I have several projects going at once.

I’m easily bored and leap from idea to idea until one has been finished and is off the list, usually replaced by a new one while the old ones continue to be cultivated.

My oldest (adult) child says talking to me is sometimes confusing as I change the subject without notice, but she has learned to keep up with me. Now . . . if only I could learn how to keep up with all three of them.

For children scatter and you don’t know if they are eating well, or are warm, comfortable, have enough money?, etc., as you knew when they lived with you and were your children.

They are still my children, but need me far less now.

So there was a mild example, I guess, of my mind shifting abruptly from one topic to another. There may be medications to slow it down, but I do not wish to partake. I’ve always been this way. I enjoy being this way . . . why would I question whether it’s “normal” or not?

The last thing I’ve ever wanted to be is “normal”.



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