Why Were So Many People Surprised?

I don’t understand why so many people say they were surprised with Trump winning. They are obviously the ones who blindly followed Clinton and didn’t listen to any of the speeches he gave at his rallies. That’s where the true Trump came out. All that outrageous stuff he said at the beginning was to get free media coverage and keep his name in everyone’s mind is what I think. Had they looked at one of his rallies and listened to the speech he gave at them, they would not have been so surprised. I don’t think you should decide on who to vote for without listening to everyone. I listened to some of Clinton’s speeches. You couldn’t tell what she was for from her ads because all she did was bash Trump. But she sounded like more of the same old, same old. Plus she was eager for war with Russia, it sounded like – both from what she said and from what Putin said. Trump and Putin said they thought they could work together to settle differences. Putin and Clinton both said if Clinton won, there would probably be a war between us.
I listened to the two third party candidates as well. I didn’t like Jill Stein. She sounded weak to me.
The third party guy, Gary Johnson, was ok, but not ok enough for me to throw my vote away for.
I feel safe with Trump in charge. I think he truly has the country’s best interest at heart. He’s a businessman. He knows how to negotiate. He knows (obviously from his campaign) how to get things done. I listened to his speeches and watched him talk to voters . . . I was slightly surprised, but not like these folks who said they had no idea Trump had a chance of winning. Just his jetting all over the country meeting voters during the last month of the campaign, while Clinton stayed in the background and did nothing, was noteworthy. He obviously wanted it worse than she did. Then when she didn’t give her concession speech right after he won, which is traditional, but had to wait until the next day . . . would she have been that slow to react to a crisis in America???? Would other world leaders put up with her rudeness? I waited over ten minutes as I watched the video that showed her speech. She sent her VP out first; it took him about 12 minutes to come out as people sat waiting; then she came out about eight minutes later and talked for a few minutes.
I believe she could stop these current riots, if she’d tell them to stop. Rumor is she’s paying them to do it. Who knows? But I’m going to put the link to what I just read. I just want to say “REALLY?” to all those who said they never thought Trump had a chance of winning. Then they were blindly following Clinton.
My son said people stared at me when I’d wear my Trump shirt. I want you to know that more than one person at different times, smiled and said “I like your shirt”. They were mostly men, but everyone was not for Clinton . . . obviously. I’ll put the link I just read in case you care to read it.


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