Trump won the election and half of America, without facts or any action from Mr. Trump, have lost their ever loving minds.

My son/daughter showed up yesterday to borrow my car for a trip s/he wants to take. We have Code Orange Air Quality and I have two different lung diseases that are being aggravated by the outside air. (damned wildfires in Western NC – smoke has now reached my county).

But what was s/he upset about? Nevermind the mother standing in front of you struggling to breathe; the urgent item on her mind was a call she’d just gotten from her boss saying she can’t wear a safety pin on her uniform at work anymore.

Ok. Let’s be logical. She works night shift in a building guarded by a guard and no one else she works with is LGBTQ  . . . but HER. Whom does she wish to provide a safe space for while at work?

Complain, complain complain!!! That’s all I heard. You know, I wish my biggest problem was not being able to put a safety pin on my uniform when I’m not working around anyone who might need me to protect them from the boogie man that everyone thinks Donald Trump is. Give me a break.

Then there’s writings about how they are going to make the riots a felony soon. What? You mean those wild animals that are rocking cars and setting things on fire (did I mention I CAN’T BREATHE??????) and looting and blocking traffic so folks can’t get to work . . . those folks will soon face a penalty for their actions which are robbing so many others of their RIGHTS?????  Yay! But according to comments and emails and posts I’ve read, the sky is falling because no one will have a right to protest anymore. WRONG! I’ve been in protests and I did not damage anyone else’s property, and I did not keep anyone else from going where they needed to go.

YOUR RIGHTS END WHERE MY RIGHTS BEGIN! What happened to that idea???? Oh, wait. It’s not COMMON CORE subject matter, so it’s no longer taught in schools.

I’m sick and tired of everyone acting so crazy because of the media’s fueled scare tactics. Give the man a chance! He’s only in for 4 years. I expect some good to come from his election. I have already seen he has a new way of doing things and leaders from other countries are contacting him and he’s WORKING instead of playing golf . . . That in itself is an improvement.

What if these protesting individuals had the draft staring them in the face with the possibility of going to Vietnam to possibly DIE whether they believe in that war or not? What in the WORLD would they do THEN?

Can’t wear a safety pin on a uniform to work and rumors on top of rumors of things that might happen . . . I do believe Donald Trump has more important things to do than harrass the LGBTQ folks. Get a damned grip! Be an adult.

When your mother is standing in front of you struggling to breathe, get your damned priorities straight.

Kids today can’t see the forest for the trees, or vice versa . . . I’m oxygen deprived and may have said that backwards.



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