Hillary Clinton used the word “Deployables” to describe people who supported Donald Trump during her campaign. They all took it as an insult. I thought it was an adjective. I just looked it up and it is far more sinister than that.



(dĭ-ploi′)·ployed, de·ploy·ing, de·ploys


a. To position (troops) in readiness for combat, as along a front or line.
b. To bring (forces or material) into action.
c. To base (a weapons system) in the field.
2. To distribute (persons or forces) systematically or strategically.
3. To put into use or action: “Samuel Beckett’s friends suspected that he was a genius, yet no one knew how his
abilities would be deployed” (Richard Ellmann).

To be or become deployed.
So in Hillary Clinton’s opinion, those who did not support her were fit to be put in the front line of a war or sent away?
I wonder how many of our fine military personnel she has referred to in recent years in the same way? I do know this country (USA) has been at war for as long as I can remember. We don’t win; we just send our troops in to get battered, and shell shocked, maimed and destroyed.
In Hillary Clinton’s mind, anyone who supported Donald Trump was “deployable”.
Her campaign made a big deal out of Donald Trump’s statements about deporting criminal illegal aliens. Well, anything illegal should be stopped. As Donald Trump made it clear, he was starting with those illegal aliens who had committed horrific crimes in the USA. And Hillary and her ilk saw a problem in doing that? But many American Citizens, for her, are “deployable”?
Here is Merriam-Webster’s Definition:

Definition of deplorable

  1. 1:  lamentable <a deplorable death>

  2. 2:  deserving censure or contempt :  wretched <deplorable living conditions>

I guess in this instance, it’s an adjective? So Donald Trump’s supporters deserved to be censured?
I think those of us who supported Donal Trump have been censured far too long. That is why Hillary Clinton lost the election. I had a shirt with a small “Trump” on the upper left hand side and I wore it proudly. However, I did not wear any of the larger Trump worded shirts because my sons were upset that I even wore the small one. My youngest asked me if I noticed how the women at Walmart looked at me when I wore that shirt? No, I didn’t, and I didn’t care if they did. I did wear it to a Mexican Restaurant one night and noticed the watiress’s reaction, so I wore it there no more.
I also got many compliments on my shirt when I would wear it. Folks would say “I like your shirt!”.
After the election when I talked to friends, I found out many, many (all?) of them had supported Trump, but they feared being vocal about it during the campaign because of how Trump supporters were looked at by the Politically Correct, those whom I blame for how our country has become.
America was the land of free speech for years. Suddenly somethng called “Political Correctness” came about and people began to hesitate to say anything because others would look shocked and announce that they were OFFENDED!
Well, I was OFFENDED when Hillary Clinton called me a Deployable.
What I saw during the campaign was an energetic seventy year old man who flew from state to state campaigning and a tired, sickly old 68 year old woman who stayed in the shadows and “rested” while expecting to win the election.
Hillary thinks there is any reason besides HER that caused her to lose the election. She wanted war with Russia and even now has had Obama poke at Russia and blame it for causing Donald Trump’s win.
Donald Trump won because the country’s citizens have been quietly censured for years. If you spoke out against what was going on, you were bullied by being called “Politically Incorrect” and told you were offensive. One of Donald Trump’s charms was that he showed Americans that they could have freedom of speech and survive the insults hurled at them.
I don’t know if any of us could have survived the deploying Hillary may have been planning. There’s a lot of military personnel who have suffered greatly from it.

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