I had a pretty bad nightmare last night. When I woke this morning, it was still fresh in my mind. I may have been in the midst of it when I woke.

I have no intention of reliving it by telling it here.

The characters were all well developed. They also were mean. When I first woke up I confusedly wondered where they had gone. I thought perhaps they were sitting in chairs that were circled around the room, waiting to torment me again.

That feeling was so strong that I refused to go back to sleep and am sitting here, up too early, writing this.

The bad part is, I recognized those people. They did not look as they looked when I encountered them in my life. But they were many of the mean people I have met, worked with, thought I was friends with, were related to . . . in my life. I recognized their behavior, if not their faces.

I guess I’ll be starting my day early. I don’t want to go back to bed to sleep, that’s for sure.

I just hope I don’t run into them or anyone like them during this day.



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