Free Clipart?

Up working on a project and wondering if I use free clip art from the internet to illustrate it, if I can then sell the finished project?

I saw another woman who had used clip art and she merely gave the link to the artist’s site. When I went to it, the artist did state that you merely had to list her website on your work to use it for free.

I found this quote on the free clip art website I was using. “Downloads thousands of royalty free graphics and fonts for personal and commercial use! ” That appears to give permission for commercial use, which I think my project would be.

Does anyone know the law about using free clip art on a project, ie: poster, that you can make and sell without paying the artist?

I have sought an artist for my work for a long time. When I was researching competition in the market, I came across the woman who used the free clip art and wondered if that’s allowable?

I’m also seeking a professional website designer.

2017 is going to be the year I finish many of my writing projects. I just want to be sure I’m doing it legally.



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