Another Video Uploaded

It’s been four months since I uploaded a video to my teaching site at youtube.

My youngest son, who stayed with me for awhile, left again. As he’d been my editor on my videos, I kept putting off making another one.

My middle son moved in with me just before Christmas. He won’t be here long, but he said he’d help me edit my videos. He did not explain that he would be working three jobs and tired when he was home.

Over the weekend, when I was complaining about no new views on my youtube channel, my middle son said I needed to pick a day of the week and make a video that day every week. Ok. I picked Monday.

Can anyone imagine how difficult it was to make that video after four months of not making one? Everything that could go wrong seemed to. Then, since my son was still at work, I decided – how hard can it be? I’ll edit it. I found out how hard it can be and it can be very difficult to edit a video when you don’t know what you’re doing. When my son popped in between jobs to change his clothes, I appealed to his sympathy for my lack of knowledge. He asked one or two questions, said he really had no more time – had to get to work – and off he went, leaving me with movie maker, who is not my friend.

I bounced back and forth from how to use movie maker youtube videos to actually using movie maker. I haven’t been that frustrated in a long while.

Finally, I said, ready or not, it’s being uploaded. I sat here not watching videos, etc., on my computer to hopefully speed up the upload. It still took a couple hours.

When it was done, I clicked on it. My son heard me scream from the next room! He had come home by then. I had uploaded it (or youtube had! I blamed them, although in hindsight, it was probably something I did wrong), but I had uploaded my teaching video on my personal youtube account – the one with the videos of pets and weather, and anything that I want to share like that . . . NOT THIS! This, although it may lack the appearance – is PROFESSIONAL!

So my son said to let him sit down and I don’t know how he did it, but he got the video quickly moved from my personal channel to my professional channel and I was so relieved to see it done!

This morning, I timidly checked to see if the new videos had any views. There were 18 views for it and two more views each for my other teaching (all three of them) videos. I skipped out to the kitchen to tell my son! He grinned and said,”Yep. Post a video every week, and you will get even more views. So next Monday I will make another video. I want to have five minute videos. I’ve failed so far in that time limit, but I did keep my video yesteerday under 8 minutes, so I’m improving.

I’ll post the new video here. Warning: I look very, very old in this video. I was stressed out, exasperated, and well, I am very, very old. That’s why I have another blog on here called Proudofeverywrinkle. But here is my most recent video:


Climate Change is Inevitable

Climate change will occur, whether we change aspects of our daily lives or not.

This morning, as I started the dryer, I thought about how the hot air escaping the vent into the outside air was warming that outside air and releasing moisture. I wondered how many others were running their dryers this morning. That is one tiny part of something that affects climate change.

We cannot, or will not, change everything we’ve invented in past years to make climate change stop. We may slow it down by changing certain aspects of our lives, but we still have to figure out how to deal with and live with it. It’s inevitable.

Maybe if we go back to caveman days? Would that stop this climate change? Does anyone doubt that once fire was discovered and used, and possibly misused, causing forest fires, that the climate began to change?

What we have to do is decide what, if anythng we can do to slow the process, while we also decide what, if anything, we can do to live with the changes that occur.



Liberals are unhappy individuals who won’t be satisfied until the rest of us are as miserable as they are.

They look for problems everywhere they turn and love to complain about the intolerance in the world. However, if you dare disagree with them about anything, you see quickly how intolerant they are. They fail to see this trait in themselves.

There is no peace and no compassion to be gained from liberals unless it’s compassion for one of their “causes”. Even if you contribute to the cause or do what you can to improve it, you usually have not done enough.

I never viewed liberals this way until 2016 when Donald Trump won the election and the liberals could not be comforted. I tried. I tried for over two months and then I gave up. Worse than a baby with the colic (and I had one of those) is what a liberal is. Continuous crying with no stopping to assess their current surroundings and how things might not be as bad as they thought they would be.

They say they will protest Trump’s inauguration. I don’t know what they think that will do. The election is OVER. It’s a done deal. Protesting might just get some of them arrested, but I think they would enjoy complaining about that as well.

There was a time when gays and transgenders, etc. really had  a hard time. There was a time when blacks were severely discriminated against. Those days are over. Their fear that Trump will bring those days back are unfounded. IF they would quit cryng and whining (OMG, can they whine!) about it, and listen to his plans for America instead of the scare mongering they listen to, they might feel better.

I’m not sure they want to feel better. I’m not even sure they really want things to be better for them. I think many enjoy complaining and crying and there is no peace to be had around them.

Many of us have had to distance ourselves from the current batch of Liberals. It’s really a shame. Now their crying and ranting cannot even be heard by those who might have helped them, if they needed help.

It’s like a kid who cries and hollers because he might fall and get hurt while skating . . . well, WHEN you do, come back and we’ll do something about it. Until then, quit yelling, or we won’t be able to tell when you’re really injured.

To the Liberals today, I say, calm down and wait until you have a legitimate problem. . . not something someone has told you might happen because Donald Trump is President Elect. Take a deep breath and open your eyes and look around you. It’s not as bad as you think or as you have been told by others.


If You Keep Doing What You’ve Always Done . . .

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting what you always gotten.” This phrase, or similar ones have been credited to Jessie Potter, Henry Ford, and others. From what I can surmise, its origin is elusive.

I am being reminded of that phrase today as I sit in aches and pain from the substitute teacher job I did yesterday. I did not make enough money to tolerate feeling this badly today.

My health began to decline once I reached a certain age. I went out on disability in 2015. I signed up this school year to substitute teach, but it sometimes causes me to feel very badly the next day. I often skip lunch because I go in at lunch time, but the class has already eaten. I did that yesterday. I took a box of crackers and ate some of them during the class’s “snack time”, which was late afternoon. This morning I have general aches and feel like I “over-did it” yesterday.

My son, who is in Asia, wants me to just completely retire. That’s easy for him to say. You will not make it on Social Security in America today, if you don’t have something else to go with it.

I never got rich teaching. I haven’t gotten rich writing either, but I haven’t devoted my time to writing like I’ve devoted it to teaching. I taught because I enjoyed it most of the time. As things changed and I got certain principals supervising me, teaching lost some of its joy.

My last, great teaching job was from 2011 to 2015. I had a principal who had taught Reading Recovery and understood exactly what I was doing when I taught Reading. She knew why I did certain practices that may not be in the norm of practices used by many teachers. My methods get results. That was what I was after – results. I’d had training those other teachers hadn’t had, and I used the concepts and methods I’d learned to reach students who struggled to learn to read.

I’m scheduled to go back to teaching in early April – full time – every day. After yesterday, I don’t see how that is going to happen. I’ve thought all along that I would try, but I really don’t think it would be good physically for me to attempt it. But I have to do something.

I started making a series of videos last year on how to teach Reading. My goal was to reach homeschooling parents, because I’d heard Reading was one of the toughest subjects they tackled. It is the easiest subject I’ve ever taught. I’ve also known school teachers who found teaching Reading to be difficult. They follow the manual, when the way I was taught to do it, you follow the child. You go from the known to the unknown and scaffold your way to the success you seek.

I also have designed a series of rhymes for Black History Month and posted it on    My videos are located at “Readingbymscorbett” on youtube, so I named my teacherspayteachers store the same thing. I thought I’d try selling on that website, but so far I’ve only recently posted those rhymes/pictures that I thought would work well with young students. The last time I checked, none had sold.

I’m not sure if I just haven’t given these ideas time to generate monies, or if they are not as good as I thought they were.

All I know is this morning the phrase “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten” has rumbled through my mind repeatedly.

I’m a very spiritual person. I have a deep belief in God and think we are all gifted differently for the reason we were put here. I am a gifted Reading teacher, but I’m also a gifted writer – or so I’ve been told enough times that I believe it.

It’s time to make a huge change in my life. What I’ve always gotten is not enough any more. What I’ve always done isn’t working for me.

I cannot go through life this tired or in this much pain just to have food to eat. I’ve never gotten rich teaching. In fact, as a single parent of three children, a teacher’s salary left us living in poverty. At that time I was so busy making sure my children had a roof over their heads and food to eat that I just plundered on. I didn’t think I dared stop to pursue a writing career, and I was too exhausted from everything I was doing to write late at night.

I think now that I’d rather starve to death, and it’s no longer my children that I’d have to worry about starving . . . they are grown . . . but I do think I’d rather starve to death than exist in a tired state and with aches and pains like I’m experiencing this morning.

I awoke feeling great yesterday morning. I wrote 1188 words on my book before I went to work. I came home tired, in pain and hungry. I hoped a good night’s sleep would change that. I woke up feeling just as bad this morning.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” I want something different.


Writing Accomplishments

A chapter for the Blindman book popped into my head this morning while I was walking the dog. I don’t know what triggered the memory, but I do know the whole thing was in my head when I came back in with Blackie.

So I sat down and wrote. I wrote and wrote and then as I checked the number of words when I’d finished, I was astounded to see 1188 as word count.

It feels good to write on this book because there are memories, horrible memories, stored in my head and they escape when I put them on paper.

I still plan to publish this book, if I have to self-publish it. I want this knowledge in the hands of the American people and in the hands of our governing representatives.

There is an evil in America that needs to be exposed. I’ve lived through it. I’ve researched it. Now I’m writing about it in great detail and I hope it reads well enough that people will read it. I hope it exposes the evil that is connected to it so that no one has to go through what I went through.

It’s a memoir, and it’s written in narrative form. It contains many emotions and many problems with twists and turns and surprises. Or they were for me – twists, turns and surprises that I never could have imagined. I doubt many people can imagine this. That’s why I’m writing the book. I want to wake up America. I want laws and protocols to change. I want to make a difference in this, if in nothing else in my life.

I write with passion. I write with pain. I write to get the words out of my mind and onto paper where they can do some good.

I will publish here when the book is ready and where it can be purchased. I do want to approach an agent soon and see if s/he thinks this book is saleable to a major publisher, but it’s going to be published, if I have to do it myself.

I’m on a mission. It will end this year. I thought I had most of the book written. The chapter I just wrote was an important chapter. It had not been written yet.

I’ve printed out the chapters and put them in chronological order in a binder. I want to read through them and see the flow of the story. I want to choose the best part to send to an agent. I want this thing published- not just for me, but for families in America.


Ignoring Them Is The Only Way

I lost a good friend this morning. It happened on Facebook.

The Presidential Election was November 8, 2016. That was over two months ago. The losers are still complaining and refusing to move forward with the election results. They cling to their losing candidate and berate anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Let me see if I can copy/paste the post that finally was the last straw for me:

(My former friend posted this and it was directed to those who voted for Mr. Trump):

I am not mad at you that Clinton lost. I am unconcerned that we have different politics. And I don’t think less of you because you vote one way and I vote another. No… I think less of you because you watched an adult mock a disabled person in front of a crowd and still supported him. I think less of you because you saw a man spouting clear racism and backed him. I think less of you because you listened to him advocate for war crimes, and still thought he should run this country. I think less of you because you watched him equate a woman’s worth to her appearance and got on board. It isn’t your politics that I find repulsive. It is your personal willingness to support racism, sexism, and cruelty. You sided with a bully when it mattered and that is something I will never forget. So, no… you and I won’t be “coming together” to move forward or whatever. Trump disgusts me, but it is the fact that he doesn’t disgust you that will stick with me long after this election.

My Reply: and we all wonder how liberals could support a woman who is tied to murders, and deserting our military while feigning ignorance about classified documents while thinking just because she has a vagina, she has what is required to be President.

Someone (Jaye Weeks-Hughes) suggested my “friend” delete my remarks.

So I replied to that suggestion with this: and anyone who wants to sit and suck their thumb while pouting about who won the election, instead of pulling together to fix this broken country, can feel free to unfriend me. I will never be sorry for voting for who I thought was right to heal this country. No one is perfect, as your Jesus always says. You also say you’re Christian, but quickly point out Trump’s faults while not stopping to think maybe there’s a reason he won? Maybe the country will improve? If not, find a better candidate in four years and talk to me then . . .

My “friend” posted:  I have deleted the disparaging remarks! Don’t have time for ugliness from those who come on my page!

They see anything a Trump supporter says as “ugliness”, but cannot SEE the ugliness of their own behaviors and actions. The only thing left to do is to ignore the liberals who only want to continue to keep the country down and not go forward with any improvement plans. They really have no power, if we quit listening to their drivel. It’s a shame, for some of their ideas were probably good ones for improving the country, but there comes a time . . . and we Trump supporters have been very patient with their inability to carry on after the election as adults who want to make the country better . . . like pouting children, they should be ignored until they stop their unacceptable behavior and come to the table as adults. We don’t have time to continue to coddle them. Mr. Trump was elected. He was elected over two months ago. It’s time to move forward and if others refuse to go, leave them behind.

I have unfriended my facebook “friend”.

As has been pointed out to the Clinton supporters ad nauseum, Trump did not mock a disabled reporter, he is not racist, he would fight to win a war, not to extend it while losing and maiming so many young servicemen; Trump wants us to work on America, not on other countries. Hillary was the one who wanted war with Russia. War is fine with her supporters as long as it drags on and harms America and we do no harm to the enemy. There is NO reasoning with this ilk. I, for one, cannot continue to let them pull me down to explain to them how things are, when they refuse to listen. They are a cult. One I no longer will communicate with. They are brainwashed and impossible to deal with.  I don’t give up on much, but I will not continue to be disparaged by Clinton supporters while they insist they are so right . . . there is ground for a meeting place, or there was. If they will not take a step in our direction, why do we even care what they say and think? I no longer do.

And as far as anyone’s worth being equated with their appearance, I would like to ask them if they do anything to improve their appearance daily, and if so, why? Is appearance valuable to them?

“Pretty is as pretty” does is what I was taught. There are some ugly Clinton supporters.



I finally finished my project and posted it. It’s not doing well. I think I posted it in the last week. It’s had one view, but no one bought my product.

What my product consists of is four line rhymes that tell a person’s name and their contribution/what they are known for in black history.

I’m going to copy/paste the first one here. It’s a freebie on tpt site, but as far as I know, no one has used it.

I’m a reading specialist and have worked teaching children who struggle to learn to read how to read. I was very successful. To do that, I often used my own ideas and sometimes my own products.

The rationale behind my four line rhymes is that children have no problem memorizing a jump rope chant, and yes, they still jump rope. . . so if you want children to remember who did what in black history, if you make a short rhyme out of it, it will help them.

I tried to use people who had been presented by children when they were told to research a famous African American for Black History Month. One of my rhymes is also about the Underground Railroad, so it’s not all specific people, but most of my rhymes are about specific people.

I’m going to post one here. I also am making teaching videos and have put them on youtube. My youtube channel is called readingbymscorbett. I changed the name of my store to that name to try to get some continuity.

I’m not giving up, but I am discouraged.

Anyway, here’s one of the rhymes that is in my dozen rhymes that I’m trying to sell as a bundle on

Garrett Morgan

Garrett Morgan,

Red, Yellow, Green,

Made the traffic

Light be seen.

by Constance Barr Corbett

Free Traffic Light (RYG)

Are You There?

Am I talking to myself, or is anyone reading this?

I feel like a captive in my life.

Having a rough day.

Wondering why, if I perceive myself as a writer, I am not writing and getting paid for it.

What matters what I write, if no one reads it?

If a writer writes and no one is there to read it, does it even amount to words on a page? Like the tree in the forest whose sound we question, if it falls when no one is around?

I’ve always believed that the falling tree generated vibration/sound waves and that yes, even if no one heard it, it made screams of despair, hopelessness and surprise.

Kind of like me. Except I do it with words.