I finally finished my project and posted it. It’s not doing well. I think I posted it in the last week. It’s had one view, but no one bought my product.

What my product consists of is four line rhymes that tell a person’s name and their contribution/what they are known for in black history.

I’m going to copy/paste the first one here. It’s a freebie on tpt site, but as far as I know, no one has used it.

I’m a reading specialist and have worked teaching children who struggle to learn to read how to read. I was very successful. To do that, I often used my own ideas and sometimes my own products.

The rationale behind my four line rhymes is that children have no problem memorizing a jump rope chant, and yes, they still jump rope. . . so if you want children to remember who did what in black history, if you make a short rhyme out of it, it will help them.

I tried to use people who had been presented by children when they were told to research a famous African American for Black History Month. One of my rhymes is also about the Underground Railroad, so it’s not all specific people, but most of my rhymes are about specific people.

I’m going to post one here. I also am making teaching videos and have put them on youtube. My youtube channel is called readingbymscorbett. I changed the name of my store to that name to try to get some continuity.

I’m not giving up, but I am discouraged.

Anyway, here’s one of the rhymes that is in my dozen rhymes that I’m trying to sell as a bundle on

Garrett Morgan

Garrett Morgan,

Red, Yellow, Green,

Made the traffic

Light be seen.

by Constance Barr Corbett

Free Traffic Light (RYG)


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