Writing Accomplishments

A chapter for the Blindman book popped into my head this morning while I was walking the dog. I don’t know what triggered the memory, but I do know the whole thing was in my head when I came back in with Blackie.

So I sat down and wrote. I wrote and wrote and then as I checked the number of words when I’d finished, I was astounded to see 1188 as word count.

It feels good to write on this book because there are memories, horrible memories, stored in my head and they escape when I put them on paper.

I still plan to publish this book, if I have to self-publish it. I want this knowledge in the hands of the American people and in the hands of our governing representatives.

There is an evil in America that needs to be exposed. I’ve lived through it. I’ve researched it. Now I’m writing about it in great detail and I hope it reads well enough that people will read it. I hope it exposes the evil that is connected to it so that no one has to go through what I went through.

It’s a memoir, and it’s written in narrative form. It contains many emotions and many problems with twists and turns and surprises. Or they were for me – twists, turns and surprises that I never could have imagined. I doubt many people can imagine this. That’s why I’m writing the book. I want to wake up America. I want laws and protocols to change. I want to make a difference in this, if in nothing else in my life.

I write with passion. I write with pain. I write to get the words out of my mind and onto paper where they can do some good.

I will publish here when the book is ready and where it can be purchased. I do want to approach an agent soon and see if s/he thinks this book is saleable to a major publisher, but it’s going to be published, if I have to do it myself.

I’m on a mission. It will end this year. I thought I had most of the book written. The chapter I just wrote was an important chapter. It had not been written yet.

I’ve printed out the chapters and put them in chronological order in a binder. I want to read through them and see the flow of the story. I want to choose the best part to send to an agent. I want this thing published- not just for me, but for families in America.



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