Liberals are unhappy individuals who won’t be satisfied until the rest of us are as miserable as they are.

They look for problems everywhere they turn and love to complain about the intolerance in the world. However, if you dare disagree with them about anything, you see quickly how intolerant they are. They fail to see this trait in themselves.

There is no peace and no compassion to be gained from liberals unless it’s compassion for one of their “causes”. Even if you contribute to the cause or do what you can to improve it, you usually have not done enough.

I never viewed liberals this way until 2016 when Donald Trump won the election and the liberals could not be comforted. I tried. I tried for over two months and then I gave up. Worse than a baby with the colic (and I had one of those) is what a liberal is. Continuous crying with no stopping to assess their current surroundings and how things might not be as bad as they thought they would be.

They say they will protest Trump’s inauguration. I don’t know what they think that will do. The election is OVER. It’s a done deal. Protesting might just get some of them arrested, but I think they would enjoy complaining about that as well.

There was a time when gays and transgenders, etc. really had  a hard time. There was a time when blacks were severely discriminated against. Those days are over. Their fear that Trump will bring those days back are unfounded. IF they would quit cryng and whining (OMG, can they whine!) about it, and listen to his plans for America instead of the scare mongering they listen to, they might feel better.

I’m not sure they want to feel better. I’m not even sure they really want things to be better for them. I think many enjoy complaining and crying and there is no peace to be had around them.

Many of us have had to distance ourselves from the current batch of Liberals. It’s really a shame. Now their crying and ranting cannot even be heard by those who might have helped them, if they needed help.

It’s like a kid who cries and hollers because he might fall and get hurt while skating . . . well, WHEN you do, come back and we’ll do something about it. Until then, quit yelling, or we won’t be able to tell when you’re really injured.

To the Liberals today, I say, calm down and wait until you have a legitimate problem. . . not something someone has told you might happen because Donald Trump is President Elect. Take a deep breath and open your eyes and look around you. It’s not as bad as you think or as you have been told by others.



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