Climate Change is Inevitable

Climate change will occur, whether we change aspects of our daily lives or not.

This morning, as I started the dryer, I thought about how the hot air escaping the vent into the outside air was warming that outside air and releasing moisture. I wondered how many others were running their dryers this morning. That is one tiny part of something that affects climate change.

We cannot, or will not, change everything we’ve invented in past years to make climate change stop. We may slow it down by changing certain aspects of our lives, but we still have to figure out how to deal with and live with it. It’s inevitable.

Maybe if we go back to caveman days? Would that stop this climate change? Does anyone doubt that once fire was discovered and used, and possibly misused, causing forest fires, that the climate began to change?

What we have to do is decide what, if anythng we can do to slow the process, while we also decide what, if anything, we can do to live with the changes that occur.



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