Another Video Uploaded

It’s been four months since I uploaded a video to my teaching site at youtube.

My youngest son, who stayed with me for awhile, left again. As he’d been my editor on my videos, I kept putting off making another one.

My middle son moved in with me just before Christmas. He won’t be here long, but he said he’d help me edit my videos. He did not explain that he would be working three jobs and tired when he was home.

Over the weekend, when I was complaining about no new views on my youtube channel, my middle son said I needed to pick a day of the week and make a video that day every week. Ok. I picked Monday.

Can anyone imagine how difficult it was to make that video after four months of not making one? Everything that could go wrong seemed to. Then, since my son was still at work, I decided – how hard can it be? I’ll edit it. I found out how hard it can be and it can be very difficult to edit a video when you don’t know what you’re doing. When my son popped in between jobs to change his clothes, I appealed to his sympathy for my lack of knowledge. He asked one or two questions, said he really had no more time – had to get to work – and off he went, leaving me with movie maker, who is not my friend.

I bounced back and forth from how to use movie maker youtube videos to actually using movie maker. I haven’t been that frustrated in a long while.

Finally, I said, ready or not, it’s being uploaded. I sat here not watching videos, etc., on my computer to hopefully speed up the upload. It still took a couple hours.

When it was done, I clicked on it. My son heard me scream from the next room! He had come home by then. I had uploaded it (or youtube had! I blamed them, although in hindsight, it was probably something I did wrong), but I had uploaded my teaching video on my personal youtube account – the one with the videos of pets and weather, and anything that I want to share like that . . . NOT THIS! This, although it may lack the appearance – is PROFESSIONAL!

So my son said to let him sit down and I don’t know how he did it, but he got the video quickly moved from my personal channel to my professional channel and I was so relieved to see it done!

This morning, I timidly checked to see if the new videos had any views. There were 18 views for it and two more views each for my other teaching (all three of them) videos. I skipped out to the kitchen to tell my son! He grinned and said,”Yep. Post a video every week, and you will get even more views. So next Monday I will make another video. I want to have five minute videos. I’ve failed so far in that time limit, but I did keep my video yesteerday under 8 minutes, so I’m improving.

I’ll post the new video here. Warning: I look very, very old in this video. I was stressed out, exasperated, and well, I am very, very old. That’s why I have another blog on here called Proudofeverywrinkle. But here is my most recent video:


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