Gaslighted No More!

What Donald Trump has brought back to America are consequences. For too long, Americans have been held hostage by those who would shame them into complying with ideas and rules that they don’t agree with.

If you said a wrong word, even though there was no rule to say it was wrong, you would be swarmed by the politically correct “police” to watch every word that came out of your mouth and to never say it again!

People spent a great deal of time being “offended” by things they didn’t like and those who were doing the offending were shamed into complying with whatever the loudest squawker could squawk.

I got very, very tired of the loss of freedom of speech. I got very, very tired of the loss of self-expression.

If I dared say anything about illegal aliens, I was shunned into not saying it again. I began to wonder if I was crazy since I seemed to be the only one who understood the definition of “illegal”.

Now Donald J. Trump has entered the arena and he has given Americans back their voices. He has united us in a way that we can express outselves and we can voice our opinions, which are principles upon which this great nation was founded.

Before Donald J. Trump was elected, I was investigating ways to LEGALLY migrate to another country. I could not take it anymore and I wanted to get away from all the judgemental people who were hell-bent on shaming the rest of us into submission.

The squawkers still squawk, even with Mr. Trump as President, but their protests do not intimidate as they have in the past. Maybe that’s why they’re so angry?

I, frankly, don’t care why they are upset. What I care about is how many years they suppressed the voices of the American people as they shunned and shamed us, one by one, into accepting their view of reality and hiding what we really thought.

Donald J. Trump is signing numerous executive orders to get our country back on the path that the Constitution paved for us. It is past time to get back to the basic beliefs and premises of this great country.

As Donald Trump issues executive orders that provide consequences and rules and beliefs that parallel the Constitution, those who are affected by them are not happy. Well, all I can say is they’ve been happy too long. They almost drove this country into the ground with their beliefs that anyone in the world is equal to or maybe greater than a natural born American citizen. This is not their country. These are not their privileges and certainly they don’t share our beliefs, or the first thing they did would not be to break our laws.

It may sound as if I’m just talking about illegal aliens, but I’m not. I’m talking about Black Lives Matter folks who went around, and still try to, smashing other’s property to prove their lives matter. How about the lives and possessions of the ones whose property you destroyed? Yet, when the victims of the Black Lives Matter groups presented that idea . . . the idea, that “hey, OUR lives matter too”, the victims were told they were misinterpreting the message.

Gaslighting. That’s what many Americans have been doing to other Americans for years. They’ve told us what to believe, what to say and what to do. They’ve dictated who to help and who to support and what to think. I’m glad that era of American history is being challenged. I doubt future Americans, when they read about those recent times, will understand the degree of shaming and shunning that was employed by one group of Americans to make the others go along with the nonsense.



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