Walmart’s Website Is Messed Up!

Walmart’s website has been unavailable for days. I saw online that others cannot use it either. I sent them an email about the problem and they sent me an answer saying to “try again” to login to the site. I did, and got the same jumbled mess that has popped up for days, instead of their website.

How can a company ignore notices about their website? They have this picture that pops up to insure it’s my account when I sign in. Heck, I can’t even get the Walmart website to load correctly at all. There is no “security picture” anywhere on the gray buttoned site that cannot be used.

I wonder if folks who have charge accounts with Walmart don’t pay their bills because they can’t access their accounts, if Walmart will miss the money?

I wonder if they notice that their online sales are dropping?

I don’t understand a company being so cavalier about its online presence.



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