Discovering Writing Time

I have found a way to dedicate a certain amount of time to writing. It may be obvious to everyone else, but it just became apparent to me.
If I close every opened internet site, and only use what is on my computer – my files and saved ideas – I will spend time strictly writing.
I did this today because my son had a webinar and I didn’t want to interfere in any way with it. I asked him if I needed to turn off my computer so he would not be disturbed? I already knew I wasn’t going to watch any videos. He said as long as I wasn’t online anywhere, it probably wouldn’t interfere if I left my computer on.
So I’ve sat here and written my monologue for my next readingbymscorbett video. Then I wrote an article about Michelle Obama and how she had reasons for wanting school children to be hungry during the school day.
I’ve wondered how to get in a certain amount of writing time daily. I keep websites open because I frequently do research while writing. I see that I can make notes and search the web when the writing time is over.
My son’s webinar lasts one hour. That will be the time I devote daily, for now, to writing with no internet available.
I have a book that is almost completely written about a blindman. I started printing out pages from it . . . scenes and chapters I’ve written, so I could go through and read it like a book. I wrote it like a grasshopper, putting down different scenes out of chronological order. Now I must assemble them and read through and smooth the transitions as well as write anything relevant that was left out. That’s easier for me to do if it’s printed out. As I do this, I also want to search for an agent.
I don’t think now is a good time to print out anything, during his webinar, but it will be a priority tomorrow.
They say things happen for a reason. This has been a new experience, being off the internet as I write. I have learned something from it.


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