2017 Joint Address by Donald Trump

I just listened to President Trump give his first 2017 joint address to congress. What I thought as he left the podium was that he hasn’t deserted us. I’ve seen Presidents come and Presidents go and they don’t speak to the American People and they don’t keep their campaign promises. Donald Trump is not one of them.

I watched his speeches when he campaigned. I watched all the candidates’ speeches because it was an election like I have never seen before and I was trying to make up my mind about the candidates. Donald Trump did and said things that I truly understood. No, he was not a perfect man and the media did their best to point that out. It’s probably why I took such a close look at him. I liked what I saw, and I voted for him.

I saw all the wailing and complaining from those who did not want him to win. I wondered what they preferred. Nothing I saw from the other candidates, except maybe Bernie Sanders, appealed to me. Bernie lost my respect when he let two women take his microphone when he was about to give a speech and when he let Hillary Clinton convince him to support her. Bernie Sanders might have won, if he’d had Donald Trump’s bravery.

Donald Trump doesn’t mince words. He tells it like it is, and some people don’t want to hear that. He is of my generation, so when his slogan was “Make America Great Again”, I understood what he wanted for our great country.

Young adults today complain about how things are, but they cannot see how things can be, if we return to American values. In the past decade, my country has become completely foreign to me. Our focus has been on anything but the American Citizen. Yet, when the younger adults complain about how much better my generation had things, they can’t see past their displeasure to what “Make America Great Again” means. I hope they will see it as it happens. I hope they will benefit from the changes.

Donald Trump gave a great speech tonight. I haven’t yet looked to see what all the reporters want me to believe about his speech. I’ve never appreciated them interpreting things for me that I can interpret for myself.

Donald Trump makes it easy for Americans to make up their own minds. He talks to them. He tells them what he’s doing and why. He shares his hopes and dreams for their future.

He gave a great speech tonight.




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