Advice to Writers

I don’t know when it happened, but I recently realized that I’m writing every day now on one of my blogs. (I have three. It sometimes varies which one I write on, but I write on at least one of them every day.)

A blog is an easy place to go to put down your thoughts and ideas, and it stays there so you can compare earlier blogs with later ones.

When I taught school, my students kept journals. They wrote daily. When I had parent  conferences, I could show each parent the growth in writing that their child had made. We just looked at the first, few pages and at the most recent pages.

It helps me to see growth. It helps me to practice. It’s also helped to see when I am most productive and write my best.

I’ve found that I need to be motivated and inspired to do my best writing, but I can also write when I don’t feel well.

Try it. Set up a blog on wordpress, or wherever you want to blog, and try to write something every day. Don’t force yourself to write a certain number of words. Sometimes I can say something in a few words and if I expanded it too much, it would lose some of its punch. One of those recent days was when I blogged “A senior moment is better than a xanax.” I had been worrying all morning about something and suddenly I forgot what I’d been worried about. I don’t know if the phone rang, or the dog needed to go out, but something interrupted my thoughts, and I suddenly no longer could remember what I was stewing about.



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