Writing Every Day

I think it was yesterday that I blogged about writing every day and how blogging was the best way to be sure you met that goal? Was it yesterday? I have been sick for several days. I finally got in to see the doctor. He said I have three different types of infection and should take these very strong antibiotics and stay in bed 2 days.

That’s where I’m headed. Back to bed. I did just write a poem and thought about posting it here, but I’m fairly jealous of my poems and don’t want the words or even the ideas stolen.

I did write a poem I’ve almost posted here before that was published in 2 am Magazine. It was titled Slumberlost. The rights reverted back to me after publication. I’ve tried to re-sell it, but the magazines I’ve approached don’t want it, if it’s a reprint. Even if it was published in the 1980’s? 1990’s?

Maybe one day I’ll publish a book of my poems. I’ve thought about it a lot. Or maybe my kids will find all these poems I’ve written and post them post-humously (is that the word? did I mention I’m sick? Today instead of googling that word to be sure it’s spelled right and means what I intend, I am going to go back to bed.

Chances are no one, but me will see it anyway. Like many of my poems.




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