Looking for an Insult

Some people go through life monitoring every interaction with another person to see if they’re being insulted, or slighted. I can guarantee you that if you do that daily, before each day is over, you will have found something to feel insulted about. It may not have been meant in the way that you believed it was, when you heard it, but all of us say or do something from time to time, without even realizing it, that someone else can find insulting or offensive. Perhaps the best reply would be “I beg your pardon?” with a hint of shock in the statement. That is often enough to let the other person realize you’ve heard something that feels insulting or offensive. They will usually explain what they truly meant. Or, if you don’t want to try that, you can ignore what was said. If they were trying to offend you, it will not have worked. If they weren’t . . . well, good.





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