Emotional Toll

Feeling better today, I decide to print out some more of what I have written on the Blindman book.

I have to scan my writing because I’ve mixed up my nonfiction supporting sister book entries with my memoir writing, and I only want to print out the memoir entries.

This is a book about a very heart wrenching time in my life. Reading it now, I wonder how I ever survived.

I’d love to find an agent/publisher, but this book will get into print if I have to self-publish it.

I hope this book will change the way some things are done in America. Between this true account and the other information I have collected, someone somewhere should have a loud outcry, and not just my voice.

There’s a saying about for evil to survive, good people have to just stand by and do nothing. What if good people are not aware of the evil being done? Let’s make sure they all know.

That’s my goal, but reading back over this time in my life is taking an emotional toll on me, and I cannot bear to read and print all the things I have written, in one sitting. As it is, once it’s all printed and put in chronological order, I’ll need to go through and read the whole thing and edit it.

This will not be easy, but it feels necessary.

At some point, I’ll print an entry from this book here on this blog.

I won’t do it today.



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