I just read an article where the Ohio ACLU wants people who use drugs and overdose, which cause others to rush to save their lives by administering medical help . . . somehow if these people are not charged with a crime, it will help them in some way? That’s what the ACLU believes.

In reading the article, I saw that the penalty is 180 days in jail (hey, maybe they can get off that stuff while they’re in there? just a thought) and $1000 fine. That’s too much for overdosing citizens to pay for the trouble they cause others by overdosing?

We used to have something called consequences for our actions here in America. Sure, some people get away with things, but that doesn’t mean they should. The recent generation who are now adults seem not to equate actions with consequences.

There are numerous facebook posts about poor Kaepernick, the football player who went down on one knee during the national anthem. There’s article after article about different illegal aliens who are being deported, but who really needed to be here to have a better life and who will suffer if returned to their countries of origin. When you hear the first word of that person’s description and it’s “illegal”, it causes you to ask what?

What has been going on for years that allow people to willy-nilly do anything and everything they feel like doing and to then expect no consequence? That is what has been wrong with America for a long time.

Then there are college students, who do want a new life, a better life, badly enough that they go into debt for thousands and thousands of dollars. They expect their lives will be bettered. They’ve actually done an honorable thing of trying to improve their contribution to society and of bettering themselves. They didn’t sneak into another country’s populace and try to blend in . . . they didn’t disrespect a flag in front of veterans who will spend the rest of their lives affected by the war they fought . . . yet, the college student loan borrower gets a lifetime of being saddled with debt, while lawbreakers and disrespecters should be given a pass?

Consequences should fit the crime. I cannot go to my doctor and say I was around someone with the flu, but now I have the flu and expect him to treat me for free. If I wander into some other country, like perhaps, North Korea, no one is surprised when I am sentenced to prison. It’s expected.

It’s time to put consequences back in place for those who don’t think through their actions. If someone overdoses, they deserve to pay for the treatment that saves their lives and then they deserve to find a way, if it’s jail time, to get away from that poison they’ve been ingesting and make their lives worth living. Being high all the time may be fun to some people; that doens’t mean it shouldn’t have consequences.

People need to stop and think again. We had a saying, “Your freedom ends where my nose begins.” That’s how America was founded. Sure, we’re free, but not to the point of trashing someone else’s property and lives and not to the point of getting stuff free just because you’re an addict.

If you’re going to dance, be prepared to pay the piper.

Maybe we need a book of such slogans to remind people that freedom is not free. Somebody paid the salaries of those who saved an addict’s overdosing life. The addict, ultimately, is responsible for the costs he caused.





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