Short Story

I went into my short story folder and found an outlined story to work on today. I wrote 472 words and worry that I should have written more. To me, writing is like eating. I know when I’ve had enough. I could have written more, but it would have needed major re-writing, if I had. I’ll try to return to the story and do some more another day soon.

This story’s plot was completed. I remembered it as I read it, but if I’d had to write it from memory, it would be gone. I try to jot down things as they come to me. I still regret not being late to work and writing down that ABC rhyming book. By the time I got to work and got talked to by a couple people about much of nothing, I had forgotten the book.

Things sometimes come to me and that Alphabet Book Rhyme had. It will repeat over and over in my head until I write it down.

Sometimes lately I wonder if I have what I’ve heard called “visions”? I’ve always been able to find things by seeing them laying in a certain place when I think about where they might be. I just see it, go check, and yes, there it is.

I wonder if some of my plots and stories and poems come as auditory visions? Is there such a thing?

Can you tell I’m tired? I’ve done a lot today. It was the first day in over a year, probably in over two years, that I drove myself to Walmart and did a week’s worth of grocery shopping alone. Then I drove home and unloaded everything and put most of it away. I must be getting stronger.

I felt so good that I agreed to do a half day substitute teaching job tomorrow. Now that it’s evening and I realize how tired I am, I wonder how that’s going to work out?

I didn’t count all the short stories I have listed. I think if I wrote 472 words a day on them that eventually they would all be written . . . if I don’t die first. At my age, you never know.

That story was called Burial, but I renamed it today and I had a hard time finding it again. I finally found it by date saved.

It’s been a good day, if one that was too busy. I hope I do some more writing tomorrow. I vary from about 200 words to over 1000 words when I sit down to write. Unless I’m doing poetry.

I would love for Writing to be my Life. I’ve always enjoyed it.



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