Is It Really THAT Difficult?

I was scanning an issue of The Writer’s Digest magazine and one article talked about the blank white sheet and the fear when starting to write on it. The person didn’t know what to write. The task seemed daunting . . . then, you, my dear, I thought, do not have a writing talent and do not need to strain yourself putting down words you are so unsure of.

I’m in a bad mood. Part of it was caused by WALMART CUSTOMER SERVICE Incompetency this morning. You can read about that on my other blog “Proudofeverywrinkle” here at wordpress. Not my best work, but I was not daunted by the white page and lost for what words to put on it.

I have a friend who asked how many words he should write a day. How the hell do I know? I write until I’m done for the day. There is no magical word count I’m trying to reach. I’m just trying to communicate with anyone who is reading it. Like I told my students when I was a teacher and they were reluctant writers . . . “Writing is talking with your pencil”. Just write the same words you’d tell a friend about the topic. I guess for some of us Writing is talking with our keyboard, but it’s the same premise. It’s how you establish your voice. Just as I can often recognize a friend’s voice on the phone, I can often recognize a writer’s voice in a piece of writing.

Writing is not that difficult. Just talk with whatever instrument you are using to get your words down. One, two,  three . . . GO! Just tell me about it. Don’t think about that white piece of paper because it won’t be that way long. You have something to tell me. Close your mouth and speak with your pen/pencil/keyboard . . . whatever.

Just write.



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