I first became aware of when I was a student in 2005 at UNCW. I bought some books from their site and decided at some point to set up a seller account.

I’ve been happy with my seller account over the years until recently. It looks like has gone up on its fees.

This morning I mailed a book that cost me more to mail than I will actually be paid for the book. It was a thin little 8 page children’s book. Whereas before I got at least half of the $3.99 shipping charge billed to the customer, and that helped me pay postage, today I got almost none of it. took $3.61 in “fees”. . . My book was listed for a low price because I have no use for it and it was what the “going rate” was for it when I listed it. Now with the new fees, I lost 79 cents on the sale of the book. I paid $2.67 for postage to mail the book, and I will “earn” $1.88 after Amazon takes their fees. I considered canceling the sale, but didn’t want to do that to the customer. However, from now on, I will. I will also add at least $2.67 to the cost of any book I sell on Amazon as I am not in the business of giving away books to strangers who live all over the country.  I was trying to weed out books from my collection that I no longer want or need, and earn a little cash in doing so.

I was going to just close my seller account, BUT decided to write about it instead in hopes of encouraging other sellers to increase the cost of their own books that they are selling on Amazon. Just because Amazon is greedy doesn’t mean we should go out of business. If the costs of all the books listed on Amazon is too high for customers, perhaps Amazon will rethink their new “fees”. Seriously . . . it’s MY book that I am selling . . . all Amazon has to do is let me list it on their site. They do collect the money, and should get something for their part, but they should not receive more than I do for MY merchandise.

If you sell or buy on Amazon, please be aware the you might soon have to spend more for books because of Amazon’s new fees.

I will not mail a book again that costs me more in postage than I will receive when Amazon collects the customer’s money and then distributes what they think I deserve to me.



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