Time Spent Daily Writing

Last night I was searching through the available substitute teacher jobs for this week. I try to take jobs that involve recess or lunch so as to have less time actually working with the children in the classroom.

It occurred to me that the ideal sub jobs are the ones that require about two hours of actual “teaching time”.  Or that’s what I like best.

I wondered if I spent two hours on the days I don’t substitute teach working on my writing projects, if I’d get things finished and submitted? For some reason, I tend to procrastinate when it comes to finishing writing projects. I’m both afraid of success and failure . . . Failure means, “now what?”, while success means, “more work”.

When I’m writing about somethng I want to write about, it doesn’t feel so much like work. When I write about something I think will sell, and there is interest in, but I know has to be absolutely perfect (by my standards) before submitted, it’s more tedius and time consuming, and feels more like work.

I have tried various writing plans. The one where I write until I am tired of writing works well, but I tend to do that writing here on my blogs. I need to write in some kind of organized way, on the things I hope to sell.

So I will try, for now, two hours a day, IF I’m not subbing that day. I do not sub very often . . . maybe a half-day or two a week. If I were able to work every day, all day, I’d find a regular teaching job and go back to it. But then, that’s what prevented my writing career in the first place . . . working a regular job daily.

So far today I’ve spent twenty minutes (got 100 more to go!) working on an article I’ve thought about writing for years. It’s actually a project I have wanted to do and as I do it, I take photos of my work so far. I took pictures Sunday and I did a little more and took more pictures today. I will submit some of the pictures with the article. I hope it sells. At some point I’ll need to research possible markets. That too, will count towards my two hours of “work” per day on writing. I also spent part of this morning researching things involved in this article. Research is a necessary part of non-fiction writing and, I think, should count as time working.



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