Studying the craft of writing this morning, I find that e-books and e-readers are a market to seriously consider. While I enjoy the feel of holding a book full of pages to be read, others get the same satisfaction from e-books.

I continue to work on my Blindman book, and unless I find an agent who can get me a deal and get it quickly, I will self-publish.

Reading more about getting published, I learn the need to build a following of readers. Perhaps this blog and my other two on WordPress will help with that?

Is this blog similar to an e-book in that it is read on a screen?

I try to dissect facts I read when I study and link them to ideas I already know. In education, that is referred to as scaffolding. But I digress.

e-books . . . maybe that’s equal to the word “plastics” spoken by Mr. McGuire to Benjamin  in that famous film?

Note to readers: It’s early in the morning and I can find no way to make the “e” in my        e-book and e-reader words not post in caps. I’m hungry; I’m stopping to have breakfast. I doubt I’ll spend any more time on this editing endeavor. If you know how to change it and you let me know in a comment, I’ll appreciate it. We’re all in this writing gig together.)


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