Settings and What That Might Involve

I awoke this morning to the sound of thunder and the heavy pounding of rain outside. We have had a flood watch in this area since yesterday. It extends until tomorrow morning.

Yesterday I posted on facebook that I wondered how many drops of rain it would take to make a flood; all we’d gotten all day were off and on again sprinkles. My son, whose job involves the weather, told me it just hadn’t gotten here yet. Maybe it wouldn’t? But it was expected.

Well, it’s here. As I looked out my window to see how heavy it was raining to make such a loud noise as it hit the ground and my roof, I saw a school bus down the street. I could see its lights flashing. It was stopped and picking up children.

How barbaric will future generations think we are to require school children to trudge through a thunderstorm to catch a school bus just as the sun rises?

We already know that teen-agers’ sleep patterns are skewed and that starting school later would benefit them, yet high schools in my area start at 6:55 am.

As I read stories and books from times in the past, I am often struck by how some things were done back then. I’ve read about how doctors didn’t know that handwashing would rid us of contagious germs until the mid 1800’s.

Germs themselves were not accepted as causes of disease until around the same time.

Yet now we harp on “wash your hands” during cold and flu season as a way to prevent catching either.

I had a short story that involved an answering machine. How many of those do you hear now? That story was written during the 1980’s.

Times change, and they change quickly. People’s attitudes change as well.

It takes time for people to change how they think. Today’s teen-agers may be the ones who insist that their own teen-aged children do not get up in what is the middle of their night and head to school while their brains are still foggy. The kids I saw getting on that school bus this morning may also change the way rain related weather affects school bus routes, if there even are school buses in the future.



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