I am currently dealing with an uncaring, mean person. I must deal with this person because she’s an employee where I work. I’m going to describe her in a folder I’ll call “Characters”. I will include notes of traits that to me exemplify the way certain types of people behave. I will include mannerisms as well as behaviors. I may throw in a few “quotes”. None will be used exclusively to describe a character, but when creating characters, I will have some descriptives I’ve noticed to expand on.

I’ll do this with doctors, lawyers, and Indian Chiefs . . . in other words, if you’re in my life, you may provide help with characterizations in my stories. I suppose all writers do this, consciously or subconsciously. This person is so vile that I will have to document her behavior. In doing that, I have found a way to help myself be a better writer.

That’s what I strive for . . . to be a better writer whose writing is read and usually appreciated.



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