Createspace is a self-publishing part of   I had created an account with them in 2013. At that time I was working fulltime and unable to devote the necessary time to publishing my book(s).

I signed into the website for Createspace today and my account is still there, but nothing has been published. That was no surprise. Although I’ve written articles that were published since 2013, I have not tried to finish and upload any of my books.

I’m going to start publishing with my book of poems. Quit groaning. I know poetry books are not best sellers, but I also know it will be a short book and one I can practice on as I learn how to publish. My poems are not flowery or obscure. They are mini-stories written in rhyming form.

I actually did post a group of poems about African Americans on in hopes they would sell in that format. The free one that I posted on my site there, I will put below. It is copyrighted by me, but I am sharing it so you can see the kinds of poems I write. This one doesn’t really tell a “story” like my poem “A Yorkshire’s Tale”, which was published in Sleuthhound Magazine, but it does identify a person and his contribution, which is what teachers teach during February, Black History Month.

The clip art with it was posted as free clip art by

Garrett Morgan

Garrett Morgan,

Red, Yellow, Green, 

Made the Traffic

Light be seen.

by Constance Barr Corbett

Image result for free clip art with traffic lights





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