Grasshopper Writing

I find on days like today that my writing life is expressed like a grasshopper hopping. I’m here, there and yonder. (Is “yonder” just a southern expression, or do northerners use it too?).

Anyway, I’ve hopped from outlining a book that a nightmare triggered and woke me from at 4:40 am this morning. Could not get it out of my head. Wrote it down. There it’s gone and filed under “story ideas”. But I hopped from that to other things.

Breakfast eaten, a TV show half watched – I LOVE hulu because I can pause and  come back to shows/movies . . . then I cleaned off the place I want to put all my writing instruction books. I’ve bought so many: I’ve taken so many writing courses . . . then it’s back to reality and walking one dog while playing fetch for awhile with the other. One dog is 16, the other is 6. Then it’s back to the computer for research on a topic I have great interest in . . . ending that with a preposition . . . is that still a “no-no”? I created another file folder for this new idea on my desk top. I research why my icons keep rearranging themselves and how to fix that . . . the fix online that I read about doesn’t work . . . going back to the show I was watching. Have you ever watched “New Tricks”? It’s about a team of detectives, three of them . . . retired . . . who come back into service to work to solve old crimes. It’s good, but my mind is hopping like a grasshopper today and I have to stop from time to time to do some writing.

Grasshopper Writing. That’s what I call it. My oldest says when I talk, I will change topics on him frequently and he has to pay attention to know what we’re even talking about. He says I’ve always done it and for him, that’s normal for me.

I don’t always write like this. Maybe it’s the only four hours of sleep I got? My mind is hyper-active today. I will get nothing finished, but a great deal started.

Sometimes I need something already started to be able to sit down and write. This will all make sense . . . or be completed on other days.



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