How Much Am I Writing?

Today is Sunday, May 21, 2017. I usually write off and on throughout the day. Since I don’t designate writing “times”, but rather write when motivated, I wondered how much I truly write daily. Today I will make a list and add to it every time I write something.

around 8:00 am, the poem that once was in my head, but I waited until I got to work to write down and then before I could, I got side-tracked and lost it . . . I worked on that poem again because about half of it came back to me.

around 8:20, I sat down and wrote about Repercussions, which was on my mind when I woke up because I have a problem I’m trying to deal with, and as usual, I’m considering all the possible outcomes. That was written on my proudofeverywrinkle blog here at

8:42 have printed out 14 pages of writing on Blindman book. I still get emotional, years later, when I read and remember this time in my life. But I think it might help others for me to finish writing and get this book published.  Right now I am printing out what I have written so far so I can read it as a whole book and see where the gaps are and what the first edit should involve. I’ve spent years writing this book. I do not want to spend years getting it to a publisher. But I cannot emotionally or mentally read through it too long at a time. 14 pages may sound like a few to peruse as they print, as I look through to see what pages still need to be printed out. (Once printed, I change the font to red, so I can see at a glance if something has already been printed and put in the blindman binder, or if it still needs a quick read-through and to be printed.) This was the hardest thing I’ve done so far today. I cannot believe I lived through these things I have written about; I cannot believe that in what is supposed to be the “free country” I was born in, that families endure such horrific events and no one seems to care or question it.

10:12 am – been outside adding four tomato plants that I started from seeds to the raised plant bed I designed. Also planted marigold seeds as they are good for a garden. I heard the birds chirping and hope they weren’t discussing the seeds they saw me planting. We’ll see if they get eaten or sprout. I took a few pictures. I designed this raised plant bed and it was easy to make. I may write an article about it when I see how well it works (or doesn’t) and I’ll have pictures to go with the article.

End of Day: I have collected several writing books and magazines and put them where I plan to keep all my writing info . . . books and magazines with markets, and techniques, etc. that I read and that help me be a better writer . . . they are being put in one general area. That may sound logical, and why didn’t I do it before? Doesn’t matter why not before; what matters is that I am doing it now.

I’ve decided to quit “beating myself up” for what I haven’t done and carry on with what I can do.

For this to be a Sunday, I’ve done a lot. The weatherman says the whole upcoming week will be very rainy. I guess I’ll be stuck in this house and that will increase my writing output.

I wrote a few emails to a friend. One described a bird . . . supposedly a wild bird . . . who landed on my porch railing and squawked at me in a harsh tone as if demanding that I fill up the bird feeder. When I did, he sat and watched me and quit squawking. Animals amaze me. I think they’re much more intelligent than we give them credit for.






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