Book Markets for Children’s Writers

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was rounding up my Writer’s books and magazines – the ones that help me become a better writer, or find markets, etc . . . I’m putting them all together close to my computer so I will be inspired or perhaps pick one up and peruse it.

The whole time I was teaching school, I was also spending time writing. I would buy various writer’s books so that I could do more with my writing, but between raising three sons (mostly alone) and writing lessons plans at home (one district actually graded my lesson plans and I spent hours on Sunday afternoons that could have been better spent doing something else . . . that county required certain verbs be used from Bloom’s Taxonomy in my lesson plans, as if what words I put in my lesson plans mattered more than what I intended to do and accomplish) . . . but I digress. I’m merely explaining why these books were bought and neglected over the years.

One of those books was Book Markets for Children’s Writers 2012. It boasts that it has 612 updated and verified listings and 73 completely new markets. I began to study it yesterday. I have children’s books written that I would like to try to sell. In this book I found the Category Index, which tells me the types of books certain publishers publish. This is a very valuable section for me, and I’ve already underlined categories related to my work.

This morning I went to and looked for the same book. My copy is dated 2012 and I wondered how much a newer version would cost. There is a book called

Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market 2018: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published

Oct 19, 2017

by Cris Freese 
that looks similar. Since the 2017 book with the same title is by Chuck Sambuchino , I decided to see who my book is “by”.  Well, mine is a Writer’s Institute publication. I took a writing course from The Institute of Children’s Literature. It was a good course and this book may have been part of their materials. I never finished the course, but I almost did, and I learned quite a lot from them.
So, perhaps it’s not the same book. Mine has 616 pages and looks very thorough.
I was posting about this book to recommend it, but I’m not sure it can be purchased anywhere except the Institute of Children’s Literature. It says it’s a “Writer’s Institute Publications” book on the back of my copy. Here’s a website for them that comes from the back cover:
On their website, I found a book titled Book Markets for Children’s Writers 2017 and it is selling for $26.95. They also show other books, that are for sale, to help writers .
I’m not certain where I got my book, but I know it looks valuable to me as a writer of Children’s Literature.
As I search for ways to be a better writer and improve my number of manuscript sales, I share what I find that works for me in this blog. I don’t know if it will help you, but it might. It depends on what your goals are and what kind of writing you do – whether or not anything I blog here will help. I hope some of it does.

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