Stories Written By A Public School Teacher

I have taught in this state’s public schools for 18 years. I’ve seen and heard so many things. Often I was at Title I schools, which have the neediest students.

The students I worked with trusted me and confided in me. I probably knew more about them than many of the other teachers. I’ve found as I worked with children, even my own, that if you just sit and listen when they talk, you learn a great deal about them.

Much of the time I’ve spent listening to children, because I was a Reading Specialist part of those years, I was listening to how they constructed sentences . . . if they stayed on topic . . . there’s a lot you can learn just from listening to children talk. I always wanted my class to talk. I was criticized at times for having a noisy classroom, but having complete silence and not letting children interact during the day hampers their education in my opinion. There are times when silence is needed, or whispering . . . quiet times to think . . . in a classroom, but there is also time  needed for talking. I’ve heard teachers say things, like, “He doesn’t express himself very well.”  Well, did you give him a chance to practice?

Anyway, during my time teaching, some things that happened . . . many things that happened . . . have stuck in my mind. Some, I think, would make interesting stories, as long as I don’t reveal names or places. I’ve taught in several different counties in the state and hope I can camouflage the students so that no one recognizes anyone in my stories. Some of them are more about me than about the students. I don’t think any of them would embarrass anyone.

I went into that folder tonight and it looks like I have twenty chapters written already.

What am I waiting for?

I just edited two of the chapters. It is not the final edit, but it did fix some problems in the wording and explanations.

I have so many projects that I forget I even have some of them. I guess that’s a good problem to have.

I hope I can get these stories told accurately and anonymously.

I hope I can get these stories told.



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