Getting Serious About This Stuff

Two of my sons have convinced me I should switch from teaching full time to writing full time. I could return to a classroom this fall, but am going to take a leap of faith and write instead.

I’ve started a running record of what I do each day. I find the amount increases daily.

The first day I wrote 276 words.

The second day I wrote for 60 minutes. I see I made the comment, “felt like ten minutes” . . . well, good, maybe I’ll keep it up.

Third day . . . today, I wrote 1019 words in 42 minutes. These were words on four short books (may be short stories, not sure yet) that I am writing. There’s that grasshopper mind jumping from project to project . . . Then I spent twelve minutes finding a possible publisher for my bird poem.

A lot of what I do, I do during “down times”.  I will think about and mentally write stuff while doing dishes or some other mundane household chore. Sometimes I get inspiration while I’m outside. (If I had my “rathers”, I’d live in a tent. I love being outside.) I also will pick up the Writers Market or look through folders of things I’ve written and not count that time.

But for now, I am trying to document what I’m doing and when and probably half way doing it, because I can’t stop and jot down every five or ten minutes I spend.

I did not notice the time when I started this blog. I guess I won’t count it. No big deal.

Just trying to justify my new career. My goal was 4 hours a day, but it looks like maybe I’d be better off counting words?

I don’t think I can write for four hours a day. I heard somwhere that Hemingway (and I know I’m NOT Hemingway), but I heard he wrote 250 words daily and would stop when he reached that number of words.

I’m going to do it the way I’m doing it . . . do what I find interesting that day and write down what I did. I’ve been intending to submit that poem since the 1980’s when I wrote it. I guess that’s progress, whether they buy it or not, it’s been submitted finally.

I wonder how other writers account for their time and writing? Do they count the time or the words?



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