Who was the Blindman?

I have been looking at all my entries for my blindman book. I’m still trying to print out the pages, but the ones I check have already been printed out. I change the font to red after I print them so I can tell at a glance if they’ve been printed.

In going through this book, I see I’ve also saved articles on the subject matter and would like to publish a nonfiction book as well .

I had no idea I’d gathered so much nonfiction – true accounts about the subject – that I have. Do I have enough for a book yet? Not sure.

I’m hoping when this book is published that it will generate an interest in the topic like never before. I hope it will open eyes that either don’t look or haven’t seen.  The second (nonfiction) book I hope will strengthen interest in the blindman one.

I’m going to give the chapters one more go through . . . the ones saved for my book . . . to be sure I’ve printed the whole thing out. Then I’ll read it through like a book and see how it reads. I’m sure there are transitions and other editing to do, but I believe it’s completely written now.

I will probably post a scene or chapter from it on my blog to try to tweak interest. I’ll need to find a chapter that can stand alone.

I also looked for a magazine market today for a raised plant bed article because the one I designed is doing so well. I haven’t found one yet, but that just means I have to look harder. I wondered if a short story can be published on Amazon, can a how-to article be published as well? I’ll have to check into it.



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