Writers Market Versus Web Search

I’ve always been a big fan of the Writers Market. I have sat down and read it page by page in an effort to educate myself in the best way to use it. It has symbols and tips and then the listings themselves. . .

Recently, when I had an article (two, so far) ready to market, I got my Writers Market out and looked for a place to submit. I found little or no markets using my scan of categories of magazines that publish what I have to sell. This is strange. I’ve always used the Writers Market to find publishers.

I came to this computer after that disappointment and googled the title of what I am trying to sell and added “magazines” to the end of those words and pressed enter. My most recent search (about my raised plant bed article) has yielded 19 possibilities. I’ll do them like I did the other article and check Writers Market for their listing and also go to the magazine’s online website to see if they will be a good candidate for my article. I am very selective to whom I submit manuscripts because there’s no need to waste their time or mine submitting to places that don’t publish the kinds of things I think they do, or who don’t buy from un-agented writers.

Anyway, since this has happened with my last two submissions, I may start going to the internet first and then check the Writers Market.

Everyone else may already do it this way, but I’ve been writing since the 1980’s (for possible publication) plus going through a lot in life and also raising three children while working full time. This is finally my time to pursue a writing career, and I may be behind the times. I am very grateful that most places accept online submissions and I no longer have to use snail mail to reach editors. Perhaps the internet is an easier way to find publishers? It’s proven to be quicker so far.



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