The Thinking Part of Writing

I have been keeping a schedule of the time I’ve spent writing, and I’m disappointed in myself.

However, this morning, as I mentally designed a page/picture for my poetry book that I hope to finally publish this year!, I realized that I spend a lot of time thinking about writing, and not just “I want to be a writer”, but “how can I make this work in the book?”.

I think the thinking part of writing is as important and the act of writing itself.

Often when I sit down to write, I have worked out the words and the flow in my mind before my fingers ever touch the keyboard.

So yes, yesterday was an “off” day for me as far as writing, but while I was “off”, I figured out a couple of ways to illustrate two of my poems and when I sit down today to enter those pictures/drawings, I will know exactly what to do.

I’ve heard of writer’s block where folks sit and stare at the blank page (screen?). I’ve never had it because my mind sorts things out before I ever sit down and start writing.

Also, all these many, many years, as I’ve had writing ideas, I’ve jotted them down, or started this or that project and I know where each one is headed. All I need to do is get to that file/project and continue.

I’ve felt like I’ve wasted so many years not being published, but perhaps they were not as wasted as I think?



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