Pet Poetry

I have been working on a Pet Poetry book for years. I have a collection of poems I’ve written about various pets I’ve owned since the 1980’s. Some have been published in magazines; some have not.

I always thought I would put them in a book and publish them. I can’t remember how hard I’ve searched for a Poetry book publisher. I think I gave up awhile ago and decided to publish it on Createspace. I thought it would be a good first book to publish partly because it’s short and partly because it’s written. I just have to organize it.

I am trying to find pictures to go with the poems. I’ve moved so much that pictures have been lost or misplaced. I may be able to take pictures or even draw outlines of what the poem is about.

Right now I’m going through the poems and trying to make sure there’s some kind of picture to illustrate each one. Last night I debated having the picture on the opposite page from the poem, or putting it under the poem. I think having it first might give away some of the endings, so I went with putting an illustration under the poem.

In checking to see if Createspace publishes chapbooks, I read about a poet who has published nine of them there, and she says they sell quite well.

My poems tell a little story and they rhyme. They have meter. I took (or started taking) a poetry course at UNCW when I was getting my Masters degree and ended up dropping it. The poets in that course wrote in free verse. I didn’t feel like I fit in.

When I was in school we studied poets and were even required to memorize certain poems. These verses have come in handy over my lifetime. When stressed, sometimes a line or two will pop into my head. When searching for a reply to someone I have at times quoted a line from a poem.

Much as some things people say trigger a song memory, so too do some things trigger a poem memory for me.

I love poetry and love writing poems. I hope when my book is published, that people will enjoy reading it. I may also put it in the kindle version.

All this is still in development, but I am amazed that I already have so many poems that I can put in the book.

I did some research last night and learned that a chapbook has 40 or less poems and is around one theme. Well, good.

When I get the book published, I will list the link to it here.



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