Substitution for Voice Blog

Good Morning, Writer Friends,

I came to my blog this morning and wrote 239 words about how to find your voice when writing.

As I edited it to make it more readable, and better phrased, I wondered if Writer’s Digest Magazine would be a place that might accept it as a submission? It was well-written, in my opinion, and might find a better home in a magazine than in a blog.

I immediately “googled” Writer’s Digest Magazine Submissions to find out how to submit an article to them online.

I decided to do that instead of publishing my blog on voice here today. If they reject it, I will come back and post it here. If they accept it, you will be the first to know and you can read it in their magazine.

If you are not familiar with Writer’s Digest Magazine,  I suggest you familiarize yourself with it. They offer very helpful advice to writers. I have read it for years and enjoy the whole magazine. I’ve learned much while reading it.

If you want to  submit online to any magazine, go to “google” search engine and type in the name of the magazine followed by the word submissions. They usually have whether or not they buy from new writers and how to submit. Please read all the information they list. It is all important. You want to find the name of the editor who buys submissions as well as the terms of sale. Some magazines, like Writers Digest, will tell you the upcoming themes or topics for their magazines.

Spend as much time researching your markets as you do writing your piece, and eventually you’ll find yourself published.

Write every day. Rewrite and be patient.



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