Managing My Time

I am having problems managing my time lately. I’ve joined a couple groups and have found that if I go to all the fun things they do that I don’t have the energy or time to work on my writing.  I also have a teaching youtube channel and would like to make and publish a video each week on that. My son has a youtube channel and he makes a five minute video weekly no matter what else is going on. I’ve made that my goal.

I made this week’s video on Tuesday. I have worked on editing it off and on all week. I have it down to just under ten minutes. That’s twice as long as I wanted, but I’m not making it over. It’s not perfect, but if I wait for it to be perfect, I’ll publish a video every two months like I’ve been doing, and that’s not working well for me.

I’m uploading the video right now on my youtube channel, which is called Readingbymscorbett       . . .   I’m keeping the notes and monologue speeches I’m writing for the videos with the idea of publishing them as a book sometime in the future.

I have many dreams and ideas.

I have one book I really want to get published. I need to set aside specific time to work on that during the week.

I’m not a good budgeter of my time.

I’m trying to get better.

I’ve decided to socialize twice a week so I have time for my writing and video projects.

I’ve set the goal for making my video by Tuesday of each week and for publishing it by Sunday of each week.

I need to set a goal for how much I work on my blindman book and how much I work on my pet poetry book. I want both of those published by year’s end and August is almost half over.

I’ve finished feeling disappointed with Writers Digest for not buying the article I sent. I’m ready to seek a new market to send that to. All writers receive rejections. I cannot let it stop me from continuing to write and continuing to submit what I write.

For the time being, I’ve decided to self-publish because I’ve tried to sell a book to a publisher or even interest an agent in it, and it takes time for them to consider a submission. I don’t have time to wait for someone to approve my ideas. It takes time for publishers and agents to get back to you. If I succeed, good; if I don’t . . . well, I didn’t waste a publisher’s or an agent’s time, and I didn’t waste my own.


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