Had to Buy a New Wider Binder

Title just about sums it up. I’ve printed out more pages of the Blindman book and they will not fit in the binder I’ve been putting the paper version of my book in. I went out today and bought a binder that’s twice as wide. I probably should have bought more printer ink. Mine will surely run out soon.

The new binder is bright orange and trimmed in gold foil. It’s certainly eye-catching and I’ll notice it daily. I certainly noticed it in the store. I realized this week that I needed a wider binder. As I passed by the school supplies in Walmart, this binder called out to me, “Hey, haven’t you been looking for me?”

I also got a Planner. It’s for July 2017 to June 2018. I know I’ve missed two months of this thing, but I will probably use it backwards anyway – charting my daily progress on all my writing projects.

I also started something called a “Capture Book” this week. Mine is just a red composition book I bought to use for that purpose. Stephanie Winston writes about it in her book, Organized for Success. A Capture Book is explained in Part II, Chapter 5 of her book.  I found her book in Goodwill last week. I’m always trying to find better ways to do things and looking at other’s ideas and how they accomplish their goals. I looked that book up and it also is selling on Amazon.com. Copyright date is 2004. I could beat myself up for not finding it sooner, or I could be happy I did notice it last week. I think I’ll do the latter.

I’m tired of the Blindman book. I’ve worked on it for years. I’m ready to see it in print and hope people buy it. I’m skimming it as I print it out. Serious editing will happen when I get the whole book printed out. I think it’s well-written. I think the story will hold the reader’s interest. I hope it will change things. That’s why I wrote it. Pen mightier than the sword and all that kind of thinking . . .



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