Emotional Upheaval In America

I check stories in the news daily. I do most of this checking online.

I see stories with emotional tugs in many categories.

It is my belief that the media works hard to keep Americans so distracted and worried about world or local events that Americans are unable to focus properly on their lives and situations.

No matter how bad a citizen has it, the media can shout that someone else has it far worse! Are you worried about weather, pets, famous people, celebrities, what Melanie is wearing, what Trump tweeted, the cost of products, the lack of income increases, crimes and criminals, terrorists, diet, exercise, diseases . . . whatever is your “trigger” for worry and agitation, you can find a dose of it daily in “news” stories.

News stories now not only tell you what to worry about, but they tell you why to worry. They give opinions, not just facts.

Is it a conspiracy by the government to keep citizens in check? If you are too emotionally involved in worry about certain facets of life, you will not be able to worry about things near and dear to you that might need to be noticed.



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