Slogging Along

Two infected teeth have come between me and writing. I had a root canal on one of them last week. I feel better, but I have one more tooth to deal with.

I went to the oral surgeon and hey, let’s just get the second one out. He wants me to try to save it, but he didn’t offer any financial support.

My primary care doctor says I must do something about these teeth. I’ve suffered with them long enough and it is affecting my general health.

During all this time, I’ve done a little writing, but really felt too bad to do much.

This past weekend I got a notice from Glimmer Train. They are having a contest and the deadline is October 31 for entries. Years ago I wrote a story that won honorable mention in an international short story contest. Of course with all the moving I’ve done and the upheavals of my life, I have lost that particular story. I still remember it and am trying to rewrite it with the hopes of entering it.

If you have interest in this contest, I will include the details. There is an $18 entry fee. I think two times a year Glimmer Train accepts submissons with no entry fee. Not sure, but you can read as well as I can, so if you have any interest, go to their website and check it out.




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