Frustration, Your Name Is Computer!

I’m working on my pet poetry book. I’ve been working on it since 2012. Now I’m putting more poems into the Createspace Formatted Book Form that I’ve already started. After I insert each poem, I read it to see how it reads. I am making some small changes. It’s exhausting!

It’s taking me longer to get each poem “just right” in the book and on the page than it took me to write them! Part of this is the complicated tabs I use to make line spaces and font . . . then there’s the poem that is two pages long and somehow got put so that you had to turn a page to read the second part. Most of my poems are not that long and it’s one more thing to try to remember, which I obviously forgot. I’ve cut and pasted that poem, putting first the ending before the beginning and then the ending back on a page you can’t see until you turn a page . . . grrrrr . . . .

I’m going to take a break. That’s always my best option when I’m this frustrated. The poems are all written. I just need to put them in this book in an appealing manner.

Some of the poems have been published in magazines, so I know those are good. Others have sat in a file on this computer waiting for me to be less tired from my day job so I could find an appropriate market and submit them.

My planned publish date for this book was December 2017. That didn’t happen. Still I plod on, determined to see this book through.

I have three more books written. What more can I do?

Oh . . . the rhymes, the rhymes, the rhymes that live in my head! I speak in rhymes, at times, without meaning to.

I will conquer this computer problem. There’s no mountain too high for my publishing dreams, right?

If I were younger, I might be querying book publishers, although I’m not sure there’s a lot of poetry publishers out there . . . but I want to live to see this book in print (and the other three).

We do what we must do, but this morning, the computer is not my friend. I think I have a sinus headache. I KNOW I have a computer headache.



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