Kickstarter Project Is Fully Funded

I got an email today from Kickstarter stating that my Pet Poetry Book has been fully funded. Wow! I almost cried, I was so overwhelmed by this happening.

I have two months before my deadline to get this book ready for sale during the Christmas shopping days.

I have debated putting pictures of my pets that are written about in my poems on the opposite page from the poem. However, sometimes when I read, I like to imagine my own pictures and relate the poem to my own life, so I’m not sure if the pet who inspired the poem would be best left out, or included?

I’m still floating on air knowing that I can get the help with the formatting that I think I need to make the book a quality book. I wonder if I’ll need help with the cover? I have an idea of my own for it.

I am so appreciative for the support and funding. Thank you.


Who Said

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword? The sentence (if not the idea, which had been expressed in various earlier forms) was coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 for his play Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy. – (this was found in Wikipedia.)

With my current anger level so high because I have an infection and the new dentist, who is filling in for my dentist, refuses to prescribe an antibiotic, although my tooth is “swimming in infection”, we will find out.




Teachers of Vision Magazine

Yesterday I received my complimentary copies of the latest Teachers of Vision Magazine. It contains my article, “How To Get Your Students To Write More!”. It’s their Back to School 2014 issue. It will be online soon and I will post the link.

I was published by them in 2012 as well in their Fall issue that year. They used my “The Classroom Read Aloud” article then.

I really like their magazine and am proud to be published in it.

Long Hand or Typed?

It seems I cannot stop writing. I found a journal notebook I started earlier this year when I was rearranging books in my bedroom last night. I ended up making a two page entry in it before I went to bed. For a quiet person, I have a lot to say when I have keyboard or pen.

Video is Made!!!

I made my Kickstarter Video and my youngest son, Anthony, has put it and a powerpoint I made together so I can put it on my Kickstarter Project Page.

I can tell it’s amateur, but then I’m not claiming to be a great speaker or a great video recorder. I am a poet and a writer, and I want to do more with those talents.

I’m trying to decide if I want to upload the video here or just show the url when my kickstarter project gets approved and goes live . . .

I think I’ll wait and just list the whole shebang. (everything involved in what is under consideration) I added that definition because when I checked to be sure the word was spelled correctly, I saw it also now has a computer related definition.

You learn something new every day . . . no matter how much you’ve already learned, ha, ha.