Expanding My Visibility and Sales

I write this blog to 1. Organize my ideas and 2. Share things that work and that didn’t work for me as I pursue a writing career.

I’ve been published. The editors who know me like my work and often ask for more. I want to get my name and manuscripts in front of more people.

I am working on three adult books and several children’s books. For now I am focusing on one specific book and want it finished.

I have much written on it, but it is not complete. For me, as a writer, I need to print out all the chapters that have been written and put them in order in a three ring binder. Then I can figure out what scenes are missing and write them. I even bought different colored printer paper so I can easily see chapter divisions.

My children’s books need to be finished and publicized as well. For now I am wondering how to make this blog into a domain . . . ??? a website ? that will list my projects and any successes and show how to find and purchase my books.

I’ve taken various writing courses. I may need to study more about how to do what I hope to do with what I have written and will write.

I am an educator, but I am ready to become a full-time writer.

As far as children’s books “go”, I have a knack for finding those that children enjoy reading and that they will try to read. I spend a lot of time selecting books to use with students, because book selection is very important when trying to motivate and teach children who may be having a little trouble learning to read.

I’ve researched the hi lo market as well. That’s another interest of mine.

I write poetry and have had several poems published.

I’ve had articles published. I’ve won awards.

My children are grown now and any fiscal mistakes I make will not affect whether they eat or have a roof over their heads. I can take a leap of faith and work as a writer. I believe I will succeed, but then doesn’t everyone who tries something new?

I’m an older person and my muse is whispering, if not now? When?

I’ll let everyone know how this endeavor goes.