Well Written Piece about Charlottesville Va Events

There was a demonstration at Charlottesville, VA sometime recently, and it has brought out strong feelings from nearly everyone I have seen comment or write on it. I am aware there were people who openly identify as white supremacists in attendance. While I disagree with their defining viewpoints, I do not want to see their […]

via Political Silencing — What Is Wrong with This Country


Managing My Time

I am having problems managing my time lately. I’ve joined a couple groups and have found that if I go to all the fun things they do that I don’t have the energy or time to work on my writing.  I also have a teaching youtube channel and would like to make and publish a video each week on that. My son has a youtube channel and he makes a five minute video weekly no matter what else is going on. I’ve made that my goal.

I made this week’s video on Tuesday. I have worked on editing it off and on all week. I have it down to just under ten minutes. That’s twice as long as I wanted, but I’m not making it over. It’s not perfect, but if I wait for it to be perfect, I’ll publish a video every two months like I’ve been doing, and that’s not working well for me.

I’m uploading the video right now on my youtube channel, which is called Readingbymscorbett       . . .   I’m keeping the notes and monologue speeches I’m writing for the videos with the idea of publishing them as a book sometime in the future.

I have many dreams and ideas.

I have one book I really want to get published. I need to set aside specific time to work on that during the week.

I’m not a good budgeter of my time.

I’m trying to get better.

I’ve decided to socialize twice a week so I have time for my writing and video projects.

I’ve set the goal for making my video by Tuesday of each week and for publishing it by Sunday of each week.

I need to set a goal for how much I work on my blindman book and how much I work on my pet poetry book. I want both of those published by year’s end and August is almost half over.

I’ve finished feeling disappointed with Writers Digest for not buying the article I sent. I’m ready to seek a new market to send that to. All writers receive rejections. I cannot let it stop me from continuing to write and continuing to submit what I write.

For the time being, I’ve decided to self-publish because I’ve tried to sell a book to a publisher or even interest an agent in it, and it takes time for them to consider a submission. I don’t have time to wait for someone to approve my ideas. It takes time for publishers and agents to get back to you. If I succeed, good; if I don’t . . . well, I didn’t waste a publisher’s or an agent’s time, and I didn’t waste my own.

Substitution for Voice Blog

Good Morning, Writer Friends,

I came to my blog this morning and wrote 239 words about how to find your voice when writing.

As I edited it to make it more readable, and better phrased, I wondered if Writer’s Digest Magazine would be a place that might accept it as a submission? It was well-written, in my opinion, and might find a better home in a magazine than in a blog.

I immediately “googled” Writer’s Digest Magazine Submissions to find out how to submit an article to them online.

I decided to do that instead of publishing my blog on voice here today. If they reject it, I will come back and post it here. If they accept it, you will be the first to know and you can read it in their magazine.

If you are not familiar with Writer’s Digest Magazine,  I suggest you familiarize yourself with it. They offer very helpful advice to writers. I have read it for years and enjoy the whole magazine. I’ve learned much while reading it.

If you want to  submit online to any magazine, go to “google” search engine and type in the name of the magazine followed by the word submissions. They usually have whether or not they buy from new writers and how to submit. Please read all the information they list. It is all important. You want to find the name of the editor who buys submissions as well as the terms of sale. Some magazines, like Writers Digest, will tell you the upcoming themes or topics for their magazines.

Spend as much time researching your markets as you do writing your piece, and eventually you’ll find yourself published.

Write every day. Rewrite and be patient.


hi/lo Books

I am working on hi/lo books. They may be short stories. Maybe a book of hi/lo short stories?

Hi/lo books are books written for adults who may be learning to read. The interest level is high . . . things that adults like to read; the reading level is low, so adults learning to read can read them.

I have a friend who has started a school for senior adults – ages 60 to 90. I believe we can keep learning no matter how old we grow.

I think reading is a fundamental, necessary skill.

I would be very proud if the books/stories I am writing are read and enjoyed by those who are learning to read as adults.



Pet Stories?

I’m still working on the Pet Poetry book. I found a short story mixed in with the poems today. I shared it with a friend who really liked it, she said. I liked it. I wrote it almost two years ago. There is another short story in that folder as well that I’ve found.

I wonder, if after I publish the pet poetry book, if I could publish a book of short stories? My poems are very short stories themselves, but these short stories I’ve found are just that – real short stories . . . I guess the thing to do is research how long a short story book is and how many stories most contain? I know there are magazines that publish short stories as well. I’m just not sure this one is appropriate for the short story magazines I know.

It seems that the more I work, the more ideas I find.